Siamnavakam is based in Thailand, the world largest natural rubber producer. Since 1991, we have been supplying custom rubber compound with good quality by using latest mixing technology.

At Siamnavakam, we can offer rubber compound mixing service by

- Formulate a new compound to meet customer application,
- Mix to customer recipe, or
- Offer a selection of existing formulation, over 1000 compounds are available in a wide variety of polymer types, colors, and physical properties.

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Rubber Compound ISO14001: 2015

ISO14001: 2015

Siamnavakam Co., Ltd. committed to protect environment, prevent pollution, and improve environmental performance. We carry our activities in an environmentally responsible manner to maintain a sustainable environment.

ISO9001: 2015

ISO9001: 2015

Siamnavakam Co., Ltd. is a certified company since 2004, using management system as a framework of process to ensure that we can fulfill all customers' requirements.

Green Industry

Green Industry

This project is for a company which commits to environmentally-friendly entrepreneurship by focusing on development continuous improvement and practice business with responsibility towards society.