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Who We Are

Siamnavakam was founded in 1991 by rubber technologists who have over 30 years of experience in rubber industries.

At Siamnavakam, we can offer full rubber compound mixing service by formulate a new compound to meet customer application, mix to your recipe or offer a selection of existing formulation, over 1000 compound are available in a wide variety of polymer types, colors, and physical properties.

Our milestones

1991 Started to produce Carbonblack and Pigment Masterbatch under trade name "Blackpaste".

1994 Expanded a line of production in Sulphur Chemical Masterbatch for Rubber and plastic Industry under trade name “Elastoperse.”

1997 Increased production capacity for Rubber Compound to serve customers' demand

2004 First achieved ISO 9001 quality management certification

2012 Set up a new rubber mixing facility, invest in new machines, and start to implement Environmental Management System.

2013 Obtained ISO 14001 certification for Environment Management System.

2014 Joined and certified “Green Industry project” level 2 for balanced and sustainable development from Ministry of industry.

Rubber compound manufacturer: Siamnavakam